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Handcrafted specialty treats made with a baked shin bone stuffed with peanut butter and baked into a thick peanut butter and oatmeal cookie. Four ingredients, Peanut Butter as a gentle protein source, Oatmeal to sooth the stomach, Flour and Water.  Reward that special pup with this long term chew. 



Artisan Cookie Bones THREE PACK

  • The cookie bone is made without any preservatives or addons.  We recommend serving immediately or freezing until serving.  Do not wrap in cellopane or other materials to seal as the bone needs to breath.

  • We ship by USPS flatrate.  Each shipment is shipped USPS at a  flat rate of $8.40.  We have been able to ship up to five medium bones in one shipment keeping the cost as reasonable as possible.  

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