Self-Serve Wash                $19.50​​

Self wash will not be available during the corona crisis

Everyone has experienced taking a freshly groomed dog to play in the yard or at the dog park and looked on in horror as he bolts to the nearest mud puddle. The self-wash service at The Dirty Doodle is the perfect one-stop-spot for all of your in-between grooming needs. You provide your dog and we’ve got the rest covered!


Our unique professional grade tubs are customizable to accommodate dogs of all sizes without forcing you to bend to scrub small pups or strain to lift (or wrestle with) large pups. In designing the set up, we were particularly focused on dogs with physical limitations whose needs are met by our drop down ramp system and electric drying tables that make getting up and down significantly easier (for both the dog and you!) If you are concerned about whether or not a self-wash is right for your dog, stop by the store for a tour of our facility or call us ahead of time with any questions – we’re always happy to help!



With this state of the art do-it-yourself system getting your dog back to show-quality clean has never been easier!




  • All natural hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner 

  • Cotton balls to protect ears

  • Ear and Eye wipes

  • Professional grooming brushes

  • Professional dryers 

  • Electric tables to meet all size and height requirements

  • Waterproof aprons

       Chamois to pre-dry your pup

  • We clean up!


** Nail clipping available upon request for additional charge


*** Please note that the last wash is one hour before closing***