The Doodle Details – Our Story


There is no love at first sight, fairy-tale worthy story about the moment that lightning struck and this incredible idea was born. Just an honest-to-goodness tale of one crazy family that is madly in love with their dogs and spend altogether too much time meeting their every furry want and desire!


As self-described dog crazy people, The Dirty Doodle family has been closely involved with dogs in some capacity or another for as long as we can remember. Whether it was volunteering at a local shelter or lovingly harassing those closest to us to adopt an animal in need, we have always made dogs a large part of our everyday lives. Therefore, it made sense to redirect all of our creative and pup focused energy into creating a place where we would love to go with and for our own dogs and offer it to the larger dog lover community.


We’d love to sit and listen to your dog stories and experiences with these wonderful animals. Come on by and share your dog craziness with us anytime …. we’re always excited to meet other members of the pack!